Amie Steir was born and raised in New York City’s East Village, the only child of two groovy bohemian artists. Her version of rebelling was finding herself a good SAT tutor and attending the University of Pennsylvania where she majored in creative writing and graduated with honors.

After working at MTV and running the NYC office for their fledgling film division for a few years, she realized she might not be as corpo as she had hoped and she heeded the call of her true passion – writing and directing.

She made some short films and one long one for places like Warner Brothers, HBO, The Oxygen Network, MTV, RSA and USA Networks. She has also sold TV and feature projects to MTV, ABC Family and Madonna.

She is currently developing a feature script called BIRTHDAY GIRL and writing a long version of her short PERFECT, all the while still trying to reconcile her current Bougie existence in Venice CA with her waaaay edgier past.